Captive Insurance Programs

Captive Insurance Programs

MGU SRS is uniquely qualified in the Captive Insurer arena.  Senior management members each have over 20 years of specific captive experience.  The team provides and specialize in:

  • Risk Management and Claims Management
  • Customizing coverage for unique risk
  • The performance of Feasibility Studies
  • Accessing Regulatory and Advisory resources
  • Captive Director or Manager Resources
  • Board Reporting
  • Reporting Exhibits
  • Board and Administration Education

What is a Captive?

Generally speaking a captive is an alternative to self-insurance and particularly the commercial market.  A captive is domiciled in a particular jurisdiction to maximize the value to the client.  Historically Captives were domiciled only "off-shore" but more recently several states have become more "friendly" toward captives with passing of legislation to try and keep business (and the dollars) closer to home. The captives can take several forms to include parent, cells, segregated portfolios, sponsored and non-sponsored single parent, group, association and agency captives.  There are also "rent-a-captive" relationships.

A captive may be a good choice for you as it can allow you to:

  • Turn your risk into wealth
  • Allows you to control your insurance company and profit from it
  • Reap the cost savings and recapture lost income (premiums)
  • Enjoy reduced volatility of premiums
  • Directly access the reinsurance markets
  • Use tax benefits – through handling of IBNR and Small Insurance Companies filing 831 (b)
  • Promote Risk Management participation
  • Be rewarded for good risk management practices Superior claim services

Are you ready to see if a Captive is right for you?