Risk Management

A deep area of our expertise centers on Risk Management. Our team has over 40 years of hands-on, senior level experience in a range of Risk Management programs. While many broker firms profess to possess risk management skills, our team has had daily responsibilities and accountabilities for the outcomes of the department.

Healthcare Risk Management

The primary area of our Risk Management focus is in healthcare. We have served as the heads of various large regional and international healthcare systems. We have also served as consultants for other large, multi-location regional and national systems. Our proven track record demonstrates the ability to achieve great savings through pre-loss and post-loss efforts.

Of the two, Pre-loss actions produce greater savings and, therefore, we place a major emphasis on preventing occurrences. How do we do that? We utilize all available tools, some proprietary and those that are well established. Those tools include but are not limited to a review of policies and procedures, flow charting, Six Sigma, statistical analysis of healthcare procedures, Enterprise Risk Management, and through a meaningful and effective educational program.

Our statistical analysis of the healthcare process has resulted in significant cost reduction, improved outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and other benefits. In one healthcare system, our process analysis reduced the number of post-op sternal wound infections from over 6 per month to less than one per month. Many other similar results were achieved through our innovative approach to process improvement.

Other Industries

Our risk management expertise is not limited to healthcare. We have either led or consulted with other industries and governmental agencies. Regardless of your industry, we have the expertise to assist you with reducing your cost of risk.